Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm sure that most of you have heard of Rebecca Black by now, right? If not, she is a 13 year old girl from I have no idea where, and I wish she would go back. Apparently, you can pay this music factory to make your "13 to 17 year old daughter" an internet celebrity. This is absolutely stupid. The dumb bitch cannot even sing to save her life.

You can watch her music video for 'Friday' here: (With almost 10 million views.) 

ANDDDD!!!! Her other dumb song, 'Prom Night' here:

You can see the article about her here as well:!5781706/the-mystery--mockery-of-rebecca-black

I hope she gets over herself. She sucks.

Here's a picture:
Lovely, isn't it? Lol.

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  1. nice pic, and yeah, black is annoying, but she will be soon forgotten.